Our Sleep Laboratory

State-of-the-art technology, hotel-like atmosphere and friendly, highly qualified staff will enable you to enjoy a pleasant stay as part of your sleep laboratory examination and create the best conditions for successful diagnosis and therapy. Wireless examinations (via Bluetooth) are carried out in nine single rooms of the state-of-the-art sleep laboratory, which allows RLS patients in particular to get up and move around at night.

The diagnosis and treatment in the sleep laboratory mainly include the following clinical pictures:

  • sleep-related movement disorders (especially restless legs syndrome)

  • sleep-related breathing disorders (snoring, obstructive, central and combined sleep apnea)

  • Insomnias (trouble falling asleep and staying asleep)

  • Hypersomnia (increased daytime sleepiness and drowsiness, especially narcolepsy)

  • Parasomnias (especially REM sleep behavior disorder)

All single rooms of the sleeping laboratory are equipped with their own attached daylight bathroom (WC and shower) and are air-conditioned. For patients who need an accompanying person during their stay, a sleep laboratory with an extra bed is available. The associated bathroom is barrier-free (wheelchair accessible).

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Patient’s reviews

“All the staff very friendly and empathetic. Technically very well equipped. Sleep laboratory modern and comfortably equipped.”

Brigitte S.

“I have to give a lot of praise regarding the sleep laboratory places. It’s very, very quiet. The rooms comfortably furnished, well air-conditioned and all staff very nice and competent. Dr. Bachmann is particularly competent, friendly and calm.”

Britta W.

“Was in the sleep lab on August 12 and 13, 2020. The supervising staff was very friendly, attentive and accommodating. The excellent cleanliness in the rooms should be emphasized. Left the sleep lab very satisfied. The practice of Mr. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Bachmann is highly recommended.”

Uwe S.

“Felt comfortable in the nights. Very nice care!”

Anja A.

“My room was really good. The noise at night was fine. Bathroom and room were modern and very well equipped. If there had been breakfast, it would be like in the hotel.”

Nikolaus B.

“Doctor and team are very friendly, warm-hearted and competent. And despite the hustle and bustle, they remain calm and always have an open ear. Even the doctor takes his time and listens and does not just work everything quickly according to scheme F. A perfect team that works very well together.”

Petra B.