Equipment of the sleep laboratory

Our sleep laboratory was opened in June 2019 and is equipped with the latest scientific standards in sleep medicine in terms of equipment and personnel. The outpatient sleep center currently has nine complete measuring stations. Each of these patient rooms has a private bathroom with toilet and shower.

The sleep laboratory examination

To record sleep, we measure your brain waves, eye movements, as well as the muscle tension of your mouth muscles. The required electrodes are attached to the head and face with a special paste that hardens and can be easily dissolved the next morning with warm water.
To detect movements during sleep, your legs are also provided with electrodes. For the measurement of breathing, we record the respiratory flow on the nose and mouth. A chest and abdominal belt detects the breathing effort. A sensor on the finger can count oxygen saturation drops and pulse. In addition, an ECG is recorded. The room in the sleep laboratory is well darkened. By means of an infrared light camera, the movements of the sleeping patient can be recorded for evaluation. A microphone captures the sounds in the room, including snoring or speaking during sleep.

Duration of the examination

Please come to the sleep laboratory at 7.15 pm for your agreed appointment. You move into your room and prepare for the examination (see “Important rules of conduct during your stay”). Employees from the evening and night service will wire you and monitor your sleep. The recording of your sleep will stop between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., then the cables will be removed. Please wait until the sleep lab staff has spoken to you (around 9:00 a.m.).

Preparation for a stay in the sleep laboratory (At home-Checklist)

  • Insurance card and possibly referral for the field of neurology, preliminary findings

  • medication to be taken regularly

  • Pajamas, towel, hair dryer, toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, shower gel, etc.)

  • possibly existing CPAP device with mask

  • possibly reading etc. for entertainment (there are no TV / radios in the sleeping laboratory rooms)

Important rules of conduct during your stay

  • Please shower before the examination

  • Please wash the hair and dry or style it without firmer, gel and hairspray.

  • Do not cream the skin on the face and legs

  • Gentlemen please shave well. Beard wearers please shave out the cheek and possibly chin area.

  • Please do not wear nail polish.

  • There is an absolute ban on smoking in the rooms as well as in all practice and sleeping laboratory rooms.

  • It is possible to stand up during the measurement (but this should be avoided).

  • All electronic devices (mobile phone, laptop, tablet, e-reader, smartwatch, etc.) must remain completely switched off during the entire recording (even no airplane mode).

Catering information

  • One bottle of mineral water (free of charge) per night in your room

  • Hot drinks such as coffee and tea can be purchased for a small fee (€1 each) from us in the bistro area at the fully automatic coffee machine.

  • You can have breakfast within walking distance, e.B. at the bakery Wellmann (in the Weidencarée) or you can bring a little something with you (you can use the fridge in the bistro area for storage).

Download this information to prepare your stay with us as a pdf:

patient information